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People often confuse the Duluth Family Sauna (also known as Duluth Steam Bath) for a massage parlor, wondering what “services” it may offer. Some people come looking for a massage, while others just stay away because they think that’s the type of business we’re in. There are no masseuses here. The only kind of pleasure offered is the pure enjoyment of relaxing in hot steam!

Built in the 1920s at its present location, the Duluth Family Sauna was a real necessity for the Swedish & Finnish miners, loggers, and railroad men embarking on Duluth on weekends. As people settled down in homes with indoor plumbing, public saunas/bathhouses began to shutter their windows. Duluth Steam Bath (as it was known years ago), was slowly deteriorating while simultaneously going through various owners until a purchase from Herb Jensen in 1969.

Herb Jensen had visited the sauna a number of times to treat a back injury and was afraid that someone might decide to tear the place down to make yet another parking lot. Since 1969, Duluth Family Sauna has been a family-owned/operated business.


We provide a collection of towels & washcloths during your stay


Feel fresh & smell clean! New bars of soap are available for use


Water pails & hot steam are available & help to open/clear your pores


  • Opens & Clears Your Pores
  • Releases Bodily Toxins
  • Increases Circulation — Leads to Healthier Skin
  • Relieves Sinus Irritation
  • Eases Chest Congestion
  • Soothes Sore Muscles & Joints


Remember to drink plenty of water! Take occasional breaks in the resting area to avoid dizziness or lightheadedness. We recommend exiting the steam room every 20 minutes to ensure your overall safety. At Duluth Family Sauna, there is a spray pipe that drips (or sprays) hot water onto a hot radiator, ultimately causing the room to fill with steam. To reach the wooden bench at the highest point, there are cement steps. If you prefer it hot, head on up to the bench or adjust slowly by moving up one step at a time.

Once you’ve completed your session, wash up & cool off with a shower!

Quick Questions

Can I stay Overnight at the Sauna?
Yes — on Saturdays, Duluth Family Sauna provides the option to stay overnight in the sauna until 9:00am Sunday morning for MEN ONLY. Please see our pricing options for our overnight stay!
Are there Parking Options Nearby?
There are several parking options nearby Duluth Family Sauna. In addition to on-street parking surrounding the building, there is also a small parking lot parallel to the building & the Hart Parking Ramp on the same block.
Do You Offer Massages?

At Duluth Family Sauna, there are no massage/masseuse services. 

Are there Weights or Work Out Equipment?

There are no weights or work out equipment available for use at Duluth Family Sauna. The sauna is a wonderful place to stop after your workout, however!

In addition to being a relaxing way to end a workout, saunas do have some health benefits — some research has shown that the high temperature exposure helps blood vessels expand, which helps improve circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Is there a Pool or Hot Tub to Utilize?

We only offer sauna services at Duluth Family Sauna. No pools or hot tubs are on location.

Is there a ladies-only area?

No, however there are private rooms available for use. 

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