Upstairs Private Rooms
You get up to 2 hours in your very own PRIVATE changing room/sauna.
Changing room has resting bed, fan, tv & radio while the sauna has a water pail, bar soap & shower, plus we supply towels.
  Must turn in picture ID at check-in & pick up at departure. 
Single $14.25     Couple $20.50     Seniors $9.00

Bull pen - downstairs (men only)
Here you will find common locker areas, sauna area, shower area, TV/DVD lounges, resting rooms & even a few private resting rooms. Stay all day if you like! Just like the private rooms, sauna area has your water pails & the shower area also has bar soap.  Currently, we supply towels and also locks for the lockers.  If key &/or lock are taken off-site, or lost, there is a $25 fee & the lock is yours.  In the future, you may have to bring your own lock.
$17.50 gets you in the door & you can stay all day, but once you leave if you want to come back you will have to pay again
$20.00 ALL DAY PASS....you can come & go as you please until closing time!
$32.50 Saturday Sleepover   Sat noon - Sunday 9am
Here you get all the benefits of the IN & OUT Day Pass but at 10:30 we lock the door, close all curtains & give you full access to the entire facility.  We don't provide teddy bears but do offer a microfleece throw to help keep you cozy.
$22.50  Late Night Saturday   Sat 10pm - Sunday 9am
Oops! Got into town late?  Met up with the crowd & forgot to buy your overnight pass?? Don't you worry! The early bird does not always get the worm!! Come on over, you'll still have all the same privelages as the other sleepover guests.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone
We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles

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