People often confuse the Duluth Steam Bath/Duluth Family Sauna for a massage parlor, wondering what sort of "services" it may offer.  Some people come looking for a massage, while others just stay away because they think that's the type of business we're in.  There aren't any masseuses here.  The only kind of pleasure offered is the pure enjoyment of relaxing in the hot steam of a genuine Finnish sauna.

Built in the 1920's at it's present location, it was a real necessity for the Swedish & Finnish miners, loggers & railroad men who came into town on weekends.  As people settled down in homes with indoor plumbing, public saunas/bath houses began to close down.  Duluth Steam Baths itself was slowly deteriorating, while going through various owners until 1969 when purchased by Herb Jensen.

Herb had been visiting the sauna to treat his back injury and was afraid that someone might decide to tear the place down to make yet another parking lot. 
This has been a family owned/operated business ever since.
Singles, couples & families use the private rooms on the main level which each consist of a steam room and a dressing/resting room.
Single men usually go downstairs to the 'bullpen' where there are several resting rooms and lockers besides the large common steam room & shower room.  This area is strictly for men only. 
We provide towels, washcloth, soap & enough hot steam to open and clear your pores, releasing toxins from your body, increasing your circulation which causes healthier skin along with more energy. A steam bath can also help sinus irritation caused by either a cold or allergies plus ease chest congestion caused from asthma or bronchial infections.  Let us not forget how good the warmth of the steam bath feels on sore muscles and joints caused from exercise or arthritis.
The health benefits are practically endless, but one also needs to remember to drink plenty of water, and to make sure not to stay in the steam room for longer than 20 minutes at a time, to avoid becoming dizzy/light headed.  Take a break in the resting area then once cooled off a bit, head back in.
Instead of water being splashed onto hot rocks, there is a spray pipe which drips, or sprays (individual regulates the flow) hot water onto a hot radiator causing the room to fill with steam.
To reach the wooden bench at the highest point, there are cement steps.  If you prefer it hot, head on up to the bench or just adjust slowly by moving up one step at a time.  Once you've completed your sweat session, wash up and cool off with a shower.


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